Go Bananas Every Day!

Isn’t it true that most of us are simple folks born in super complex times? Love it or hate it, we all juggle a million things daily. So it is essential to have simple wellness tools that pack the most punch. And nothing beats the simplicity of the humble banana 🍌! As you read on, I will tell you why, in my opinion, this is the most bang for your buck nutritionally and functionally.

I grew up in India. the country that produces the most bananas in the world. Sure, my love for bananas came from there. But turns out it’s omnipresent! This sweet, creamy, delicious fruit is loved and enjoyed around the world!

That said, some of us eat it every single day, and many of us don’t! So if the world was to be classified into two groups – BANANAS Daily (BD) and BANANAS Sometimes (BS – pun unintended), clearly the BD group is rocking it! This post is a reminder to the BS group that they are missing out on the best fruit in the world. Also its a pat on the back for the BD group thats going bananas everyday πŸ™‚ ! All jokes apart, this is a simple, yet effective change that we busy people could add to our routines. The change is precisely this – To ensure wholesome health for ourselves and our loved ones, try incorporating bananas into your life – every single day!

Here’s why bananas are most bang for your buck from three different viewpoints –

  1. From the nutritional perspective-
    • Great energy source – For roughly around 100 calories, one medium ripe banana comes with 28 grams of carbohydrates to power your workouts or a busy day. With 3 grams of fiber, bananas assist digestive health and weight loss.
    • Boosts Brain Power – It’s well known that a diet rich in Potassium supports memory and learning and Magnesium is critical for brain health. Banana is an excellent source of these two essential minerals containing 450 mg potassium and 37 mg magnesium to support brain health. That also makes it a natural cure for hangovers since these are two minerals that the body loses when consuming alcohol.
    • Healing for Peptic ulcers – Antibacterial compounds in bananas inhibit the growth of ulcer-causing bacteria, while their anti-inflammatory properties help with healing the gut lining. Interestingly, for constipation relief, yellow ripe bananas are ideal, and for relief from diarrhea, the raw greenish ones are a perfect choice.
    • Smoking cessation – The B vitamins in this wonderful fruit help with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Of course its great for non smokers as well since B vitamins are essential for energy metabolism and have plethora of benefits helping the body from head to toe.
    • Make you happy – Bananas contain the essential amino acid Tryptophan. Tryptophan helps in serotonin production, which is the mood-elevating neurotransmitter you want! Tryptophan also plays a role in melatonin production to regulate sleep.
  2. From the the cost and availability standpoint –
    • Inexpensive – They are the cheapest fruit I see in the grocery store.
    • Available year round – Bananas are available year-round at your favorite grocery store or even at a convenience store at the gas station, so unavailability never becomes an excuse.
  3. From the comfort and ease of use standpoint –
    • Snack – Certainly this is the easiest grab and go snack!
    • User friendly – No washing needed, plus it’s seedless – which other fruit offers that benefit?
    • Best baby food ever – Easy on the go mashing possible!
    • Very versatile – Bananas can be incorporated into many recipes across various cuisines.

Billion possibilities with bananas – here are some healthy options that are my favorites

  • Peel, cut into chunks, freeze & add to smoothies.
  • Peel, cut into chunks, freeze & blend to make one ingredient ice cream. Ofc additions like chocolate, peanut butter, or berries make this yummier.
  • Mash, add flour and eggs to make Pancakes.
  • Bake banana bread – you do it all the time πŸ™‚!
  • Puree a banana, add brown sugar, and use it as a face or body scrub for glowing skin.
  • Mash a banana, add olive or coconut oil, and apply as a hair mask. Leave it on for an hour and rinse for intense conditioning.

However you want to do it, I encourage you to indulge in the goodness of this fruit every day! So get peeling! It’s the simplest way to pack some powerful nutrients into your daily diet.

Three fun facts !

  • We share half our genes with the banana!
  • Bananas are berries, not fruits!
  • Bananas are naturally radioactive, thanks to the Potassium in the fruit!

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