Six scientific tips for stellar skin!

Many of us worry about skin after we start seeing some signs of protest from this beautiful organ of our body. Aside from withering when we neglect it and glowing when we care for it, it executes many functions in the body. It also serves as a reflection of one’s overall health.
So we know it’s critical to take care of this organ. That’s always best done inside out. Have you ever wondered where the glow from your recent facial appointment disappeared after a week? I often have 😀! Sure, facials are great, but they have a limited and temporary role in what they can do to offer radiant skin. More impactful and long-lasting is what we do outside that facial appointment. Plus, it’s not just about the face. Our skin is the outer covering of our entire body! So it is about the complete you!
So before delving into care tips, let us take a look at some of the skin’s prime functions below –

  • Protective barrier – Our skin is our first line of defense against microbes. It protects from infection and is a physical barrier to chemicals and hazardous substances in the environment.
  • Enables Sensation – Nerve endings in the skin allow us to experience temperature(hot/cold), touch, pain, etc.
  • Regulates body temperature – One of skin’s functions is to regulate hot and cold. That happens by sweating in hot weather, and in cold weather, blood vessels beneath the skin contract to keep us warm.
  • Produces Vitamin D When exposed to adequate sunlight, the skin produces Vitamin D. This is a key vitamin for strong bones and muscles. Vitamin D also plays a protective role against many infections and even some types of cancers. Low levels of this vitamin have been linked to fatigue, tiredness, and even depression. Sadly, we are a generation that is perpetually low on this one. 
  • Endocrine organ – Remember our skin is an endocrine organ because one of its jobs is to produce and metabolize hormones.
  • Others – One on hand, it’s our water-resistant barrier, guarding the underlying muscles, bones, and organs. On the other hand, the skin also performs excretory functions through sweat glands. Look at the excellence of design 😀!

Down here, I’m sharing some tips that will help achieve glowing skin over the long run without the need for shortcuts. Along with being science-backed, each tip comes with a multitude of benefits. So we can kill many birds with one stone 😀!

1. Get adequate Hydration – Can it get easier than this 😀? Hydration is foremost, and even when you are unable to do anything else, certainly get this one right. It’s the best thing you can do for the health of all your organs, and the skin happens to be the largest organ in the human body. Vanity benefits aside, hydration is a powerful way to keep skin healthy and supple. Ensure you are drinking enough water throughout the day and adjust your intake according to your activity and climate needs. So in the summers, when dehydration is prevalent, this becomes extra crucial.

2. Lock in your Beauty Sleep – Sleep deprivation robs our skin of its glow. When we skimp on this beauty routine, pale skin and puffy eyes are common. Our skin repairs and regenerates in sleep. It also makes Collagen while we are snoozing. Collagen is crucial because it makes up to 70% of the protein in the skin. Also, Human growth hormone is produced in sleep that helps with skin repair and retains that youthful look. Another important hormone, Melatonin, peaks in the body during deep sleep and acts as an antioxidant for our skin. There is simply no lotion or potion in the world that can offer what a good night’s sleep can for our skin.

3. Exfoliate for the glow – Believe it or not, our skin is shedding dead cells at a bewildering rate of 30,000 to 40,000 every hour. That means, in a day, we shed around a million cells. The body does its job, and these dead cells will fall off eventually. We can help remove these dead skin cells and increase circulation by exfoliating the skin with a brush or a scrub. My personal favorite is this Belula body & face brush. And for scrubs, there are simple homemade options like brown sugar and many more. After all, that jar of sugar is better off in the bathroom than in the pantry 😀! Just get creative with natural ingredients from your kitchen and welcome that layer of fresh skin below more often. 

4. Steam up – Steaming is a great way to open up pores and cleanse to remove any dirt or grime. It also relaxes and rejuvenates the skin. Besides, it enhances collagen production to improve the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. It is worth mentioning that the benefits of collagen go way beyond the skin. Collagen helps with protecting joints and strengthening muscles. Steaming is also an easy technique to relax the mind. That is because the warmth from steam can stimulate serotonin production. Try a ten steam shower at home to cleanse and remove toxins and avail of its relaxing benefits. I highly recommend the Diozo steamer for the face and use it twice a week. Adding essential oils to the steam water further boosts the gains of this age-old technique. The old-fashioned way with hot towels is another way to steam. Whatever your method, incorporating this into your routine promises physical and mental benefits.

5. Be strategic about sunlight – There is no escaping the Sun on this planet! And we shouldn’t because we immensely benefit from it. But to avoid sun damage to the skin, we need to be strategic about it. Life exists here on this planet, because we are just at the perfect distance from the Sun. Look at our neighbor planets! Go any farther or closer from our shining star, and life doesn’t happen. The moral of the story is – Sunshine is essential, but we got to be smart about it! Get it in the mornings for the multitude of benefits it offers, including a dopamine boost, improved immune function, regulated circadian rhythms, and the list goes on. But, avoid the afternoon, harsh Sun, and step out only with enough protection, including Sunscreen(do your research to steer clear of some toxic ones) and Sun Hats (My favorite is this straw hat from FURTALK).

6. Pay attention to Liver health – Healthy glowing skin is impossible with a sluggish liver. Since anything and everything we consume passes through the liver, it is paramount to keep this organ in top shape by eating a balanced diet (think lots of veggies with nuts and seeds), exercising regularly, and avoiding alcohol. Our liver works very hard and is the pivotal organ for digestion, metabolism, and detoxification. Several metabolic conditions reflect on the skin, so it can often be a clue to an underlying condition in the body, possibly the liver. We can also help our liver by consuming omega-3-rich foods like Chia seeds, flax seeds, and walnuts. Also, Milk thistle is a powerful liver detoxifier. My personal favorite is this one from Zazee. Another plant offering widely known for its detoxification potential is Dandelion tea. When you take charge of your liver health, you will most certainly enjoy a radiant glow, but don’t be surprised when you effortlessly lose a few pounds. That’s the magic of a clean and healthy liver!

Incorporated over a lifetime, these tips will serve as your supreme skincare routine. Take care and Skin-Vest!

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